Cataract Surgery Evansville Indiana

Cataract Surgery

The purpose of cataract surgery is to improve the passage and focusing of light through your eye in order to create a more sharply focused image in your retina, and thus, improve the quality of your vision and overall visual function.

A visually significant cataract is an opacified or cloudy natural lens that scatters and/or impedes the passage of incoming light through the eye so as to produce an unfocused image on the retina. The more unfocused this retinal image is, the more blurry a person’s vision becomes. In modern cataract surgery, the cloudy natural lens is surgically removed from the eye and replaced by an artificial lens implant (IOL) that allows the incoming light to pass through more cleanly and focus more sharply on the retina. By improving the quality of image produced on the retina, the surgery improves the overall visual quality of the eye.