Cataract Surgery – Procedure Instructions

How the Surgery Works & What to Expect:
The Surgery is typically done on an out-patient basis under IV sedation. It usually takes about 20 minutes. Afterward, the eye will be patched and you may be asked to wear a protective shield while sleeping for one week. Your doctor and/or his staff will instruct you in the use of your post-op eye drops, which you will start using on the same day as the surgery. The surgery should not cause pain, but the eye can feel dry, irritated, or slightly sore afterward. Your vision should be blurry right after the operation, but usually improves soon thereafter.

Activity Limitations After Surgery:
Since the main cataract incision is designed to tightly seal and quickly heal itself, your activities will only be mildly limited. You are to avoid submerging your head in standing water (bath, pool, etc), excessive bending, straining, and lifting (nothing over 30 pounds) for one week after surgery or until cleared by your physician. Try to avoid excessive physical exertion in the immediate post-op period if possible. You may resume your diet as you feel comfortable. Please discuss with your surgeon or primary physician when you can resume taking your regular medications.